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Only 20 minute walk you will find the river El Poso la Vieja. a very untransited place where you can swim while you enjoy the lanscape.

In 45 minute by walk from the finca you can explore La Ruinas of Gachantiva, an abobe town over 400 years old.


Check out the llamas! The Periquera is a series of five spectacular waterfalls about 2 hours walk from the finca. It is well known in the area of Villa de Leyva and a popular spot for visitors. 


Paso del Angel is a mountain ridge hiking trail with spectacular views of the surrounding valleys. Along the ridge is a narrow pass which gives the ridge its name and at the end is a 300 m waterfall. Also in this area are a number of caves, with tunnels. Local guides can provide repelling equipment for some of the more difficult entrances. 


Iguaque Mountain, the view you wake up to each morning, is located within a National Park.  A six to seven hour hike will take you through a gorgeous forest, lower and upper paramo ecosystems, and finally to a breathtaking mountain-top lake. The lake is within the sacred origin story of humanity: the myth of Bachué. It is pure magic!


For those interested in some horse back riding many tour operators work in the area. You can choose a trip to the 450 year oldmonastery, the ostrich farm, the marine dinosaur and fossil  museum, the National Palaeontology Museum, a 2000 year old fertility and observatory park, and more!


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