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     Since buying this property in January 2005 we have been lovingly building our dream place, with the help of friends and the local community. The word Mawasi is an indigenous word that means something like “to have found a home from the earth”. Finca technically means farm, but it has also come to be known as a weekend home. The house is made of adobe bricks and stone both from the immediate area, wood and glass.

     William is Colombian, originally from Manizales. When not working around the finca, he can be found making gold or silver jewellery by hand, using the “lost wax” method (he carves the original piece from wax). Bonnie is Canadian and has lived in Colombia ten years, working as a Science teacher in a bilingual school. When not working around the finca, she... well... really - she’s always working around the finca!

     We met at a yoga class and almost instantly realized we shared a love of the outdoors, an interest in learning how to build things and a concern for the environment. Our most recent goal is to use the practical, theoretical and philosophical knowledge of Permaculture to live more sustainably on the planet.


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