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El Nido



Double bed 120,000 pesos/night

This is just a sleeping cabin with a small sofa and mini-fridge. There is no kitchen or chimney area. The bathroom is a separate building a few meters from the cabin. 

We built El Nido completely from scratch with our own two hands, mostly just to say we could it. El Nido is a cozy sleeping cabin with an amazing view of Mt. Iguaque. The bathroom is a short 3 meters away and is perfect for the free spirited with an outdoor heated shower that affords a spectacular mountain panorama (curtains are optional). Although the rest of the bathroom does have surround walls, they are only shoulder high to allow a 360 degree view at all times.

Guests who choose this option are invited to hang out at El Amanecer if they need a kitchen, a few hours around a warm fire or to join us for breakfast.

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